What is the OSINT Post?

The OSINT Post is a collection of resources, reports, investigations, and news on open-source intelligence. The aim of the site is simple, to promote not only investigate journalism, but also fact-checking and a critical analysis of everything we have access to.

This site is not just a news aggregator of investigative blogs. As a standard, we also contribute to the open-source investigations community, and conduct research of our own, in areas that we feel passionate about, where others choose not to look.

Who is behind the OSINT Post?

My name is Ben Brown, and I am the website’s founder. I chose to start the OSINT Post after a lifelong interest in conflicts in the Middle-East. Not only did I start combining newspaper sources, digital reports, and social media resources to make a more informed picture, but at an early age, I was able to use this same method of ‘resourcefulness’ to research into other fields I am passionate about, such as poaching and crimes against vulnerable members of the community.

I believe that through promoting simple analytical skills, and the cross-checking of publicly available sources that we use every single day, as a collective group of interested individuals, we can achieve a lot. I hope that through my work with the OSINT Post, I am able to encourage more people to use a digital magnifying glass, and join the dots on so many unanswered puzzles.

Should you wish to support the work that we do through the OSINT Post, please share the site through your community and let me know of areas that we can improve on, or what you would like to see on the site.

Thank you.



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