Open Source Investigation Guides

Welcome to the OSINT Post‘s recommended open-source investigation guides. These guides are peer-recommended guides on how to conduct various types of data manipulation, verification, geolocating and metadata extraction from multiple sources.

Many of these guides are written by industry professionals hoping to assist investigative journalists and citizen-based journalists to conduct public data investigations. It is my hope that these guides will help you to find the right information, and join the dots.

If you have a guide or want to recommend one, please get in touch me with me.


Eliot Higgins – How to get started in online investigations with open-source information

Exposing The Invisible – Behind the Data: Investigating Metadata

Exposing The Invisible – Using Tor to investigate sensitive leaks

Exposing The Invisible – Smart searching with googleDorking

Real-Time and Open Source Analysis Resource Guide – Understanding and Using Open Source Resources for Law Enforcement Operational and Analytic Activities 

TII’s Online Investigator’s Checklist™

Crowdsourced Geolocation and Analysis of Coalition Airstrike Videos from Syria and Iraq


Bellingcat – How to Use and Interpret Data from Strava’s Activity Map

Bellingcat – How to Conduct Comprehensive Video Collection – 5 Tools to Help You Search the Archived Internet

VIDEO – How to verify eyewitness videos – An activist guide to archiving videos

Bellingcat – Advanced Guide on Verifying Video Content


Washington Post – The Fact Checker’s Guide To Detecting Fake News

Verification Handbook – A definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage

Poynter – International Fact-Checking Network fact-checkers’ code of principles

Fact Checking Day – Develop basic fact-checking skills 

First-Draft News –  New York Times journalist Malachy Browne describes the tools and workflow he uses for social media verification


Techsolidarity – A guide to basic data security for mobile, computer and laptop users. There’s some great advice in this and I would highly recommend checking it out.


The Flash Environmental Assessment Tool – To identify acute environmental risks immediately following disasters


Bellingcat – Follow the Bitcoin With Python, BlockExplorer and